Hornady Lock-N-Load Straight O.A.L. Gauge

Hornady Lock-N-Load Straight O.A.L. Gauge

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Hornady Lock-N-Load Straight Overall Length Gauge allows you to correctly measure the freebore in your rifle so that you can get the correct seating depth of your bullets allowing you to get the maximum accuracy out of your hand loaded ammunition.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Overall Length Gage

This tool is one of the best kept secrets to accurate reloading. This tool allows reloaders to quickly and easily determine the "proper" bullet seating depth in their firearm by accurately measuring their rifles freebore. By having an accurate measurement of freebore reloaders can significantly improve their rifles accuracy by tailoring their bullet seating depth to their rifle. A few thousandths of an inch change between the bullet and the rifling can make the difference between just so-so accuracy and that tack-driver performance that leads to bug-hole groups. To use the Lock-N-Load Overall Length Gage Hornady caliber-specific Overall Length Gages are required for use (sold separately). These Overall Length Gages are made for all common cases from the 17 Remington to the 500 Nitro Express and are oversized to accept the same bullets your reloading. Material: Aluminum Dimensions: 12-1/2" Long (Not Extended) 19-1/4" Long (Extended) Notes: Locking Nut to Set Length Threaded End to Screw into Hornady OAL Case

Manufacturer Hornady
Manufacturer Part Number 90255704006


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