Nosler 30 Caliber 210 Grain AccuBond Long Range Bullet (BLEM) - 100ct

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Nosler 30 Caliber 210 Grain AccuBond Long Range Bullet (BLEM) - 100ct

30 AccuBond LR 210 Grain Spitzer Bullet


Developed through a combination of bullet manufacturing techniques that are unique to Nosler, the design of the AccuBond-LR allows for the highest B.C. possible in a bullet of the same caliber and weight. Designed with an optimum performance window ranging from 3,200fps to 1,300fps, the unique tapered jacket geometry and proprietary bonding process of the AccuBond-LR allow it to expand rapidly for effective energy transfer and significant tissue damage while retaining sufficient weight to ensure deep penetration into the vitals. The AccuBond bonding process allows the AccuBond-LR to perform reliably on game throughout the entire velocity range, eliminating the problem of being too close often encountered with other high B.C. bullets. The high-performance boat-tail, long ogive, and polymer tip combine to make the AccuBond-LR the sleekest, flattest- shooting, bonded, hunting bullet ever created. The ogive of the AccuBond-LR is designed to provide excellent accuracy in a wide variety of firearms without the necessity of being loaded close to or in contact with the lands.

Factory 2nds (Cosmetically Blemished)


2nds, Cosmetic Blemished, All Nosler products are hand inspected prior to packaging. Every bullet and every piece of brass is searched for imperfections to ensure that every piece meets Noslers strict quality standards. Products with physical imperfections and deformities are scrapped, while products with only cosmetic blemishes are labeled as 2nds.

Bullet Ballistics Information

B.C: G1: 0.661   G7: 0.333
Part Number: 58317
Optimal Expansion Velocity: 1300 - Unlimited (FPS)
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Box Qty. 100
Caliber 30
Grain 210
Bullet Type AccuBond Long Range
UPC Code No
Manufacturer Nosler
Manufacturer Part Number 58317
Diameter 0.308
Ballistic Coefficient (BC) No
Overall Length (OAL) (in.) No
Sectional Density (SD.) No
Base Boat Tail
Factory Type Factory 2nd (Blem)


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Customer Reviews

  • Accurate in both the 300 Weatherby and 30-378 Weatherby at 8700 ft elevation
    Review by Aaron / (Posted on 8/21/2020)
    Bullet has performed superbly in the Weatherby 300 and 30-378 at 8500 ft elevation on elk. Used it last season on an elk at 700 yards and worked extremely well
  • Accurate in 300 RUM
    Review by JackalJones / (Posted on 8/7/2017)
    Loaded the 210 ABLR in a 300 RUM and got 3079 f.p.s. average and 0.700" MOA at 100 yds. in an off the shelf Remington 700 Long Range 26" barreled rifle. E.S. of 14 and S.D. of 7, outside temp of 90 deg. F at an altitude of around 3500 ft.
    Will use this load to take Elk in New Mexico and wherever else there is a need to reach out and put meat on the table.
    Happy shooting!