About Shooter's Pro Shop

Shooter’s Pro Shop is the only authorized dealer of Nosler Factory Seconds and Over-Runs including Nosler product lines such as SSA, Noveske and Varmageddon. We offer a wide variety of shooting products for sportsmen and women at discounted prices while providing flat rate shipping and discounts to members of the military and first responders.

Customer Testimonials:

"Thank you for providing a good price point for a great line of products for those of us trapped in 'lead free land'."
Paul O.
SanDiego, CA
"I have placed several orders with SPS, and have been very pleased with everything. Shipping is fast, and the bullets are excellent quality."
Dave L.
Social Media
"Military Discount! !!! Great prices, fast shipping. Who can't beat that!"
Leon C.
Social Media
"Excellent Business for the serious Sharpshooter and sportsman."
Ricco D.
Social Media
Military & First Responder Discount
$13.00 Flat Rate Shipping